Graphical Displays and Monitors

From a full glass bridge display to cabin mounted interface monitors, we can provide a range of solutions.

Graphical Interface1

Graphical Interface

We use a PC based graphical package that communicates directly with our central PLC system. We have available a library of standard screen layouts and icons that can be readily configured or the graphics can be customised to suit your specific application and style.

Cabin Monitors

Cabin Monitors

To provide control and monitoring data to the owner or crew we can provide slave displays either in the glass bonded form or as a simple panel mount monitor. The functionality of these additional monitors can either fully replicate the bridge mount displays or they can be customised. Password protection ensures only approved personnel can access certain areas.

Mechanical Design

Mobile/Tablet Interface

The graphical screens can also be accessed using mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones.


CCTV Interface

On board security systems can be interfaced with our graphical displays. They can show multiple camera shots simultaneously with pan and zoom functions.