Providing power distribution, circuit protection and voltage and current feedback data for the AC & DC circuits.

We can build the AC/DC panels to a variety of styles. You can choose from a range of coatings for the facias to suit the interior of your boat.

Backlit Type

Backlit AC/DC Panels

We have developed a unique layered design to create beautiful and effective backlit panels with a dimmable option, single or multicolour backlighting or RGB colour control.

Configurable Type

Configurable Text Type

If the function of the breakers\switches is likely to be determined late in the build process or where some ability to adapt or tailor the panel is required, our configurable panel type solution offers the ability to add or remove devices. Then their function can be identified by simply changing the inserted acetate labels.

Backlit Type

Conventional Type

This is the most cost effective panel type. It is generally manufactured using an aluminium face plate with rear mount studs and with a surface finish to suit the aesthetics of your vessel. The function of the devices is specified by front engraving.

Backlit Type

Breaker Boxes

Zoned breaker panels can be provided for integration around the vessel. The breakers can be simply back panel mounted or can be provided in a housing with a hinged cover plate.