The control apps you want, on the screen you choose, with the hardware you need.


The Naviop system is highly versatile and can be adapted to any type of boat for the highest levels of comfort and security.

The monitoring system provides control of electrical and hydraulic handling systems, air conditioning/heating systems, propulsion units, water/levels treatment systems, onboard hydraulic systems and much more.

The simple and clear applications are accessed by a sliding menu. The Naviop system software is developed internally by the skilled engineers and designers. It is constantly being updated with new technologies, new protocols and new directions in interactive solutions.

The Naviop System has scalable applications available for any Naviop HMI screen, in portrait or landscape orientation. It offers a solution for a vast range of control and monitoring requirements.


Customise the monitoring system by choosing from a wide range of tested and verified applications.

Depending on the Naviop screen, each application can be ordered in either portrait or landscape. 7 inch and 13 inch screens are available in portrait and landscape. 4 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch are available in landscape only.

The data shown on each page can be gathered from the field in three different ways:

  • Communication protocols
  • Analogue acquisition boards
  • NMEA2000

Monitoring pages can be personalised with logos, pictures and a choose of background colours.

Each page can also include hardware devices, such as TBOX PLC, Fos module, CAN network components, Nova light boards, Egon boards, West weather control unit, ION I/O module, N-Pilot controller, cables and accessories.

These devices have been developed to work and interface with a range of protocols, based on NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, Canbus 2.0B, J1939, Serial 232, 422, 485, ethernet, Modbus TCP and many more, all of them widely tested and verified. The units are specifically designed for use in marine environments. For example, the T-BOX die cast aluminium enclosure is fully waterproof and has excellent thermal transfer properties.

  • Clear and user friendly interface.
  • Customise dimensions, colours and material texture.
  • Each solution comes bundled with its proper T-BOX PLC, to achieve the best performances and to guarantee reliability in any environment.
  • Each monitoring project can be customised to perform certain controls. Choose the Naviop pages designed to fulfill specific tasks.