These all-in-one solutions provide HMI screens, applications and Naviop knowledge service in a single, affordable bundle.

Where sailing and power boats do not have monitoring systems, this is an easy update with some of the most cutting edge solutions on the market.

Naviop has a wide range of ‘closed’ fully scalable solutions allowing integration and monitoring on almost all on-board controls: a single display to be flush mounted into the boat helm panel with no protruding bezel, buttons or knobs. The closed solutions are easy to install and have robust technology specifically designed for the marine environment. They are perfect for updating boats where optimisation of space is crucial and where budgets are tight.

The standard kits are provided with brand new touch screen operating panels and a set of pre-tested and verified monitoring pages.

  • Evolight: a small yet revolutionary product, providing small boats with an essential monitoring and control solution.
  • SMS Alert: manage surveillance and guarantee safety even with no-one on-board.
  • Naviop Engines: a system designed and built to display all the engine’s operating conditions.
  • NRG: Optimise your vessel’s performance.